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It is not unusual to meet someone who has kept beees enthusiastically for 55 years: on occasions you will find a beekeeper of 75 years standing. What is it about the pursuit that holds the interest so keenly for so long? For some, it is the honey,or insights into a creatur of great complexity and fascination. There is the satisfaction of a good animal husbandry, knowing the bees are well-fed, healthy and housed in clean dry hives. There is the challenge of deciphering what is going on in each hive. You can't heholp but become fascinated by the flowers that bees visit. Although in summer the bees will fly miles to forage. There is more to the products of the hive than honey in all its forms,There is beeswax,pollen, propolis and royal jelly-constantly in demand for their therapeutic properties. Plants, flowers, weather, geology, photography, chemistry, biology, marketing, research or just straight-forward fun - you won't exhaust the possibilities of beekeeping in 50 years.
Raw Honey Selection
Valley Honey
Sweet Clover
Yellow Star Thistle
​​Christmas Berry(Boxthorn)
flavors are seasonal and we may not always have each flavor
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